Feel Good Feel You

Chemo Busters


Sitting in the chemo lounge can be the loneliest and most boring experience so here's a few items to make you feel better about it.


Keep your mind thinking about other things with our puzzle sheets and pens.


Get a loved one to massage your hands with our hand lotion or do it yourself.


Buy yourself a Chemo Care Package which includes the above as well as tissues and breath mints.



Post Surgery 
So you've had your surgery, what's next? Read my experiences which I've written honestly, warts and all!
After breast cancer surgery you will be given specific exercises to do several times every day.
This will prove difficult and a bit scary at first but persevere, you'll get there.
I've included some of the most common ones on this section.
The New You


​Well, surgery and treatment is over so where do you go from here?


Do you have reconstruction? Read my personal experience, it might help you decide. Click on the image above.


How do you regain your confidence?

Some tips that may be useful.


Why not go for a total makeover and lifestyle change - embrace healthy eating and let the new you shine through!