Hi, I'm Pauline Lohfink, breast cancer survivor and the founder of Imyj.


The photo on this page shows me at the end of my treatment, wig in

place, no eyelashes, no eyebrows and a false boob, but I think I scrub up fairly

well all things considered! The cancer journey attacks everything that makes

women feel feminine and can undermine your self confidence, so it's

imperative that you have items available to you to make you feel whole again.


I found the cost of post surgery bras, wigs etc quite extortionate and its obvious 

that some women will not be able to afford the prices asked so, after

reconstruction, I came up with the idea of recycling now unwanted items such

as bras and wigs and selling them at very reduced prices.


What to do with the money? Well I'll need some for overheads but not much so we'll donate 50% of the costs to a

breast cancer charity. The Pink Ribbon Foundation have agreed to affiliate with Imyj which is quite exciting!


So that's me and my idea. I believe every woman on the cancer journey has the right to look and feel as 'normal' as possible and I hope that Imyj, with your support, will enable this to happen.


Many thanks


Pauline x